Gemstone Mala Beads for the 3rd Chakra

Manipura, meaning “lustrous gem,” is the third chakra and is located at the solar plexus (between belly button and bottom of rib cage). The Solar Plexus Chakra defines our personality as how we perceive and are perceived in the world.

The Manipura chakra is symbolized by the color yellow and a triangle within a lotus of ten petals. In the center of the lotus is a blazing sun representing the heat and energy of Manipura. Around the sun is an inverted red triangle, and written in the apex is the mantra ram. In some depictions, the ram is also pictured.

The Manipura chakra’s issues are personal power, self-esteem, willfulness, and energy, and it is related to the metabolic and digestive systems. A healthy balance in the Manipura Chakra would be shown as having motivation, purpose, and confidence. People with a balanced Manipura chakra make excellent leaders and managers. They can get vast amounts of work done without bullying; in fact people love to work for them. Those with a balanced Manipura chakra have strong willpower, don’t get caught up in power games and physically are free from digestive problems.

People who assert their will over everything and everyone around them would probably have an out-of-balance Manipura chakra. They are often called ‘power trippers’ or ‘control freaks.’ An out-of-balance Manipura chakra is also expressed as little willpower; these people struggle to achieve personal goals in life. This inability to achieve goals then turns into low self-esteem and lethargy. An out-of-balance or weak Manipura will also manifest as ongoing digestive issues.

Properties of 3rd Chakra (Manipura)

Definition: The word mani means gem and pura means city. Manipura translates as the city of jewels. As Manipura is regarded as the center of fire, it is seen as radiant like jewels. Manipura is often compared to having power like the sun. Manipura chakra radiates and distributes energy throughout the whole body.

Colors: Yellow & Gold

Element: Fire. The fire element is about shining our inner-radiance out into the world and having the strength and endurance to complete tasks.

Location: Solar Plexus, behind the navel center.

Balanced Qualities: Willpower, dynamic action, self-esteem, ambition, and confidence.

Imbalanced Qualities: Low self-esteem, lack of vision

Main Right: To be

Physiological association: The solar plexus chakra relates to the digestive system, the process of metabolism, and distribution of heat throughout the body. This chakra is associated with the endocrine glands, the adrenals, and pancreas.

Sense: Taste

Organ of knowledge: The tongue

Organ of action: The sexual organs, kidneys, and urinary system.

Trigger point: The pubic bone

Mantra: Vam

“It is said that meditation on Manipura chakra leads to knowledge of the entire physical system. When this center is purified and awakened, the body becomes disease-free and luminous, and the yogi’s consciousness does not fall back into the lower states.” – Swami Satyananda

Crystals and stones possess specific vibrational and energetic qualities that have been used for thousands of years for their healing and spiritual effects. Healing stones are one of the most common tools used to activate, balance and cleanse specific chakra energy centers. To learn how to use healing chakra gemstones effectively you must pair the appropriate stone with the affected chakra.

The most powerful crystals and stones for the Manipura chakra are:

Yellow Jasper
Yellow Agate
Golden Calcite
Yellow Apatite
Golden Tigereye
Lemon/Yellow quartz

3rd Chakra Mala Beads

Wearing and using gemstone mala beads is a powerful and efficient way to use healing chakra gemstones in your yoga practice and daily life. If you have a meditation altar, placing you mala on it will also help to balance and activate the space. The following mala beads contain gemstones that will be helpful to balance and activate the third chakra.

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