Green mala beads represent compassion, universal love, growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.  The most common green gemstone malas are agate, apatite, aventurine, chrysoprase, jasper, garnet, jade, malachite, and serpentine.

Meaning of Green Mala Beads

The chromotherapy effects of the color green are: balancing, harmonizing, soothing, rejuvenating, cleansing and calming. In India green is considered a festive color that represents life and happiness. In Buddhism, green is used to transform jealousy into the wisdom of accomplishment.

The green color activates the 4th chakra: Anahata, deals with our ability to be open and able to love ourselves and others. The heart chakra’s balanced qualities are expressed as love for oneself and others, kindness, compassion, open-heartedness.

Green Mala Bead Collection

Wearing and using green mala beads is a powerful way to utilize the energetic qualities of this color in your yoga practice and daily life. A green mala is best used in your meditation to connect with nature, to open new opportunities, or to undertake personal growth in your life.
The following mala beads contain green gemstones and beads:

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