Yellow mala beads represent personal power, self-esteem, willfulness, and energy.  The most common yellow gemstone malas are agate, citrine, flourite, jasper, fire opal, jasper, golden pietersite, and tiger’s eye.

Meaning of Yellow Mala Beads

The chromotherapy effects of the color yellow are: strengthening, awakening, energizing, cheerfulness, confidence, and vitality. In India, yellow is the color of knowledge and learning. In Buddhism, yellow is used to transform pride into the wisdom of sameness. Yellow symbolizes the element of earth (Pritvi Tattva).

The yellow color activates the 3rd chakra: Manipura, which cultivates personal power, self-esteem, willfulness, motivation, purpose, and confidence and energy. The solar plexus chakra allows us to shine our inner-radiance out into the world and to have the strength and endurance to complete tasks.

Yellow Mala Bead Collection

Wearing and using yellow mala beads is a powerful way to utilize the energetic qualities of this color in your yoga practice and daily life. A yellow mala is best used in your meditation to promote creative inspiration and to cultivate inner-radiance.
The following mala beads contain yellow gemstones and beads:

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