Abundance Mala Bead Stack


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Our Abundance Mala Bead Stack contains the following malas:

• New Jade and Lotus Seed Mala – New Jade, a type of serpentine, is technically known as Bowenite. This heart healing stone is said to bring balance back into a relationship or work environment. New Jade is the most sacred stone of the Maori tribes of New Zealand, and is used as a talisman for creating a protective energy shield. Approximate Length: 6.75″ Tassel color: Red

• African Jade and Bone Mala – African Jade activates the heart chakra to calm anxiety and strong emotions as well as to strengthen one’s capacity to give and receive love. This healing stone promotes inner peace and relaxation as well as good luck and abundance.  Approximate Length: 7″ Tassel color: Green

• Jadeite and Tulsi Mala – Jadeite, known as the dream stone, helps one cherish ones desires and to build ones dreams in this physical reality, inspiring one to accomplishment. This calming stone promotes inner peace and tranquillity and also increases energy and prolongs life. Approximate Length: 7″ Tassel color: Green

Please view the individual product pages for the suggested mantras for these malas.

Abundance Mala Bead Stack

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