Custom Mala Design Fee



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We can design and make a mala just for you!  We can easily change any of the mala bead pattern designs in our catalog and swap around any of the gemstones that we use.  We cannot make a custom mala from the malas we import from India and Nepal, and we cannot make custom malas from beads you already have or beads we do not carry in stock.

Once we receive the custom mala design fee you will need to email us with your custom mala request being as specific as possible as to what you want.  Please reference mala designs and gemstone beads that are on our site, and please tell us the approximate size of the desired mala you want made.

Once we string the custom mala we will email you a photo of it without the finished tassel and a link for payment.  Once we receive the payment for the completed custom mala we will finish it off, bless it and ship it to you.

This design fee covers 1 hour of our work on the design, including all correspondence with you. If it takes longer than 1 hour to finalize the design and additional design fee will be required.

Custom malas are non-returnable and non-exchangeable, however, they are covered under our standard warranty if found defective.

Did you know?

The Yoga-Yajnavalkya says that a whispered mantra is a thousand times more beneficial than a spoken one, a mental mantra is a thousand times more beneficial than a whispered one, and meditating on a mantra is a thousand times more beneficial than its silent recitation.

Check out our Mala Bead Info page to learn more facintating facts about mala beads, japa meditation and Sanskrit mantras.