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Floral Brocade Large Mala Bag




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This passport style bag with shoulder strap is great for larger sized malas or for carrying multiple malas. These colorful bags have two zippered compartments and and a pocket pouch–great for carrying multiple items. Handmade with two beautiful patterns of satin brocade and a woven Bhutanese cotton backing in Nepal, so patterns and bag sizes may vary slightly.

Approximate Size: 6″x 7.5″

Did you know?

Mala is a Sanskrit word meaning garland or wreath. In the yogic tradition, malas are made with 108 counting beads or a division of 108, with 27 and 54 being the most common.

Check out our Mala Bead Info page to learn more facintating facts about mala beads, japa meditation and Sanskrit mantras.