Heart Wisdom Mala Bead Stack


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Our Heart Wisdom Mala Bead Stack contains the following malas:

• Sugilite and Charoite Wrist Mala -Sugilite strengthens the heart, aids physical healing and reduces stress. Charoite is a stone of transformation and inspiration. Charoite is known to enhance self-esteem, accelerate spiritual growth, transform negative emotions and improve the ability to love.
Approximate Length:  6.5″  Tassel color: White

• Rose Quartz and Mother of Pearl Wrist Mala – Rose quartz is said to open the heart chakra to all forms of love and is believed to remove fears, resentments and anger.
Approximate Length: 6.25″ Tassel color: Red

• Amethyst Wrist Mala – In Tibet, amethyst is considered sacred to Buddha, possibly due to its ability to activate and balance the 6th chakra (third eye). Amethyst is said to cure impatience, balance high-energy, eliminate chaos, promote clarity, and help keep one grounded.
Approximate Length: 6.5″ Tassel color: White

Please view the individual product pages for the suggested mantras for these malas.

Heart Wisdom Mala Bead Stack

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