Mala of the Month™ for January

The new year brings in a powerful collective energy for setting new goals and creating positive change. We all start the year hopeful, yet when we lack the tools to fulfill the goals we often end up breaking our resolutions. The right mantra and mala can help in achieving your goals and desires for this new year. We recommend our Jade and Dzi Agate Mala as jade helps one to cherish one’s desires and to build one’s dreams in this physical reality, inspiring one to accomplishment.

The mantra best suited towards achieving goals and desires is:
Om Sarva Kamadaya Namaha
Translation: Om and salutations to Shakti, the granter of desires and the active energetic force of Shiva’s universal consciousness.

To use this mantra take a few minutes to focus your focus inwards to connect with your energy, intuition and goals and desires. Let your attention scan across these different aspects of yourself and with detachment see what desire or goal has the most light or energy to it. For the best success, select only one goal or desire to use at a time with this mantra.

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