Mala Bead Info

Over the years We have acquired an extensive body of knowledge and research on the use of malas and japa. Please use the links below to learn more about the practice of mantra meditation, mala beads, mantras, and our products.

Mala Beads and Meditation

What Are Mala Beads? – A guide to the definition, anatomy, history, and benefits of prayer beads.

Gemstones – a complete index of all of the gemstone beads we use in our malas. The gemstone descriptions include their healing properties as well as the energetic and spiritual properties.

How to Choose a Mala – Learn the best eight techniques to choose the best mala beads for you.

How to Use a Mala – The proper way to hold and use mala beads.

How to Set Intentions for Malas and Meditation – Learn about the benefits of setting intentions, the five steps to create an intention, and the six ways to use your intentions with malas and meditation.

Japa Do’s and Don’ts – A complete list of the 26 traditional rules and customs of using mala beads.

Mala Bead Care and Cleaning – Our best tips on how to keep your mala looking its best and to avoid premature breakages.

What to Do When Your Mala Breaks – A broken mala can be seen as a positive sign of progression along one’s yogic path and an auspicious opportunity to reflect on the blessings the beads brought you.

Why Does a Mala Have a Tassel? – An explanation of the function, history, and symbolism of a mala’s tassel.

Sanskrit and Buddhist Mantras

The Power of Mantra – Learn the definition, types, and powers of the mantras used in japa meditation.

How to Choose a Mantra – Info on how to select a mantra for personal use.

Mala Mantras – Translations of all of the recommended Sanskrit and Buddhist mantras on our site.

Additional Mala Bead Questions

Japa & Mala FAQ – Answers to common questions about mala beads and mantra meditation.

Japa Mala Bead FAQ – Answers to common questions about our company and our products.