Mala of the Month™ for April

The energy of spring is abundant and palpable in the month of April. Spring is the time of emergence, expansion, outward expression and new growth. After the winter dormant season, the energy of the body wants to spring and grow outwards and draw upon the stored energy of winter. Springtime also awakens our warrior archetype giving us energy and passion to strengthen our spiritual practices, pursue creative projects, and to cleanse our bodies and homes.

Our Red Tiger Iron and Bone Mala enhances the reawakening energy of springtime and activates the warrior archetype.  Red Tiger Iron promotes creative and artistic abilities and helps uncover hidden talents. This stone of vitality strongly cultivates strength, confidence, prana (life force energy), willpower, balance, and motivation.

The mantra best suited towards creating strength, energy, willpower, vitality, and stamina is:
Om Hum Hanumate Namaha 
Translation: Om and salutations to Hanuman, the bestower of victory, success, strength, stamina, and power.

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Our COVID-19 Update and Response

protection prayer

At Japa Mala Beads, we pray that you are surrounded by protection, comfort, and ease as the world continues to respond and react to the COVID-19 epidemic. In these challenging and turbulent times, a regular meditation practice can be a tremendous help to calm and ground one’s worries and anxiety as well as to protect yourself from harm. We wanted to share a short note on how we are coping with this situation and how we can help you stay motivated, inspired, and strong.

The health and safety of our employees and customers is always our top priority. We are following the guidelines and recommendations as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the local U.S. health authorities to protect our employees and our customers. At our little mala bead studio, we have taken additional precautions to ensure we are maintaining a healthy and clean environment by increasing the frequency of cleaning. We are encouraging our employees to take extra precautions, including frequent handwashing and staying home if they are unwell.

We expect our online shop to remain open during these difficult times. We are currently not experiencing any delays in shipping, but this may change in the near future as this situation continues to evolve. We will update this page when any new developments or changes to our ability to provide you with our beautiful mala beads and spiritual products.

Please know that both the WHO and CDC have stated that the likelihood of catching the COVID-19 virus by touching cardboard or other shipping containers is low. While it is considered safe to receive and handle our shipments, we do encourage you to wash your hands as needed throughout your day.

Now more than ever, we wish to offer you our support and encouragement for your spiritual practice and our prayers for your overall health and wellbeing. We believe that mantra, intention, and gemstone therapy are powerful and helpful tools, especially in challenging and stressful moments. We have created a blog article to share some of the best gemstones that are known to help with boosting the immune system. There are also several malas and mantras that can be helpful to use for protection and healing. We hope that our malas and informative content will continue to help you feel strong, compassionate, and peaceful.

We also acknowledge the economic impact this outbreak is already having across the globe, and we want to empower you to seek out and fulfill your spiritual needs by offering a 15% discount on all items in our shop until the end of April. Use coupon code DURGA-15 on the shopping cart page to apply the discount. If your order is over $40, you will also qualify for a free gift from us (choices will automatically show on the shopping cart page).

Let’s all vow to stay calm, clear, centered, and strong in the days ahead. Let’s consciously choose love, kindness, and compassion over fear and uncertainty. Let’s resolve to use these challenges to strengthen our meditation practice and to support our loved ones with hope and connection.

Love & blessings,
The team at Japa Mala Beads

The 12 Best Gemstones to Boost Your Immune System

Immune System Boosting Gemstones

Gemstones are more than just beautiful rocks to hold and admire–they have been used for thousands of years for their metaphysical and healing properties. Among these healing powers, crystals and stones can a great way to boost your immune system to stay in the best health possible. There are twelve gemstones that are often carved into beads that can be worn as a mala to help you stay healthy and strong.

Importance of Immunity

Your immune system protects you from illness and disease. If it is not in top shape, your health may be at risk. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and healing stones and crystals will keep it functioning at its best. Your emotions can greatly influence your immune system. Being angry, sad, and other negative emotional states can weaken your immunity if experienced over a long period of time. One way gemstones and crystals help with strengthening your immune system is by their calming, balancing, and regulating powers on the emotions.

Gemstones for the Immune System

The use of specific crystals and stones can boost your immune system strength. By wearing and surrounding yourself with these gems, you can give your body the daily boost it needs to protect you best. Clicking on the below gemstone names will take you to our collection of mala beads with these stones.

  1. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, promoting deep peace and reducing stress. Stress is toxic and is known to weaken your immune system. Amethyst is also a cleansing stone and enhances sleep quality.
  2. Bloodstone is a purification gemstone. It can be used as a “spiritual vaccination” from psychic harm, and it is commonly used to protect from autoimmune disorders.
  3. Brown Jasper is an excellent healing stone that has deep connections with the earth. It promotes the clearing of pollutants and toxins from the body. By cleansing and purifying the organs, it treats ailments associated with the upper torso and digestive tract.
  4. Carnelian is one of the best stones and natural healers of the common cold. It vitalizes your immune system and purifies organs. It also treats swollen glands.
  5. Clear Quartz is considered to be the master healer of all stones. It cleanses the immune system, purifies organs, and removes toxins that weaken your health. Clear quartz also brings your entire body into balance and harmony.
  6. Emerald regenerates the body naturally. This is helpful when you are fighting an illness, as it keeps you in good health when your system is low. Emerald also creates a physical and mental balance, making you keen for a rapid recovery.
  7. Green Aventurine provides support in fighting the flu, and it helps to soothe and ease flu symptoms. This dark green gem also promotes the health of all the organs involved in immune system responses. Aventurine can give you the boost you need to power through any illness.
  8. Jade redirects energy flow, giving you strength where you need it. It also stimulates the regeneration of immune system cells. This is a powerful healing stone for individuals with chronic illnesses.
  9. Lapis Lazuli is a potent stone to protect you from illness. It boosts strength in organs and aids the repair of bones and muscles. It also promotes mental endurance, positivity, and tranquility, all of which help boost immunity.
  10. Malachite heals and boosts immune system functions, and it provides healing for numerous ailments from head to toe. Most importantly, malachite has been used to pinpoint tumors and help fight any form of cancer.
  11. Rhodonite balances and nourishes the nervous system, and promotes calmness and ease. It also boosts your immune system, specifically reducing inflammation. These two actions work together to help heal many chronic diseases.
  12. Tourmaline is a powerful ally for immunity and mental health. It promotes the oxygenation of the brain, which is essential for proper blood circulation. Tourmaline also emits small doses of infrared radiation that serve as charges to boost immune system function and body detoxification.

Whether you are seeking to prevent illness, boost immune system strength, or fight chronic disease, gemstones can be a great help. Let these beautiful stones help heal you from within and protect you from any toxicity of the world around you.

What Do the 8 Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism Mean?

Auspicious Buddhist Symbols

The Ashtamangala is a collection of eight ancient and sacred symbols used in the spiritual traditions of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Originally, the eight auspicious symbols were used in India at ceremonies. In Buddhism, it is told that the eight symbols were sacred offerings given by the gods to the Buddha after he attained enlightenment. These symbols are used as teaching tools to symbolize the qualities of an enlightened mind. They are also symbols of auspiciousness and good fortune. You may find some or all of the Ashtamangala symbols used in our products, especially on our japa mala bags.

The eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism:

  1. The Endless Knot. The origin of this auspicious symbol is believed to be the icon of snakes, which is a symbol of duality. Additionally, the symbol is linked to Vishnu, and it shows his devotion to consort Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth as well as good fortune. It appears on clay tablets from the Indus Valley Civilization as well as on a historic era inscription. The Endless Knot represents endless wisdom and compassion of Buddha, as well as continuity as life’s underlying basis. It indicates the relationship between an individual’s spiritual path, the omnipresence of Buddha, and the movement of time.
  2. The Treasure Vase. It represents longevity, health, wealth, wisdom, prosperity, and space. It symbolizes the quality of the teachings of Buddha. It indicated that the treasure did not reduce even after sharing many teachings.
  3. The Lotus Flower. It is a symbol of renunciation, divinity, and purity. Although the roots of the lotus are in the mud, the flowers blossom above the water. Buddha uses the flower as symbolism to indicate that he raises from the world, free from the defilements taught in specific Buddhist scriptures.
  4. The Golden Fish. Originally, the two fish represented two main rivers of India that is, Yamuna and Ganges. In Buddhism, they are a symbol of happiness since they are completely free in the water. They are a representation of abundance and fertility. The symbol is more often drawn as carp and is regarded as sacred due to their size, beauty, and life-span.
  5. The Parasol. Symbolically, the parasol provides protection from illnesses, obstacles, desire, harmful forces, and suffering. It represents the canopy of the sky. Therefore, its expansion, protection, and unfolding quality of the Sahasrara (seventh primary chakra).
  6. The Conch Shell. The deep history of the Conch Shell is in river rafting that was used on commercial trips down the Grand Canyon for enlightenment. It was used to awaken guests for coffee. Originally, it is thought to have horn-trumpet. In Buddhism, it is a symbol of religious sovereignty with an emblem, which fearlessly proclaimed dharma’s truth. It represents good actions that awaken ignorance from people and brings about enlightenment.
  7. The Dharma Wheel. The wheel symbol was noted to appear mostly in Indus Valley civilization artifacts, especially on the seals. It is a solar symbol and first appeared on clay seals before 2500 BCE. It appears in a sequence of ten signs within the signboard of Dholavira. It is a sign of teachings of Buddha and is referred to as the wheel of transformation or change of spirituality. The hub is a symbol of moral discipline, while the spokes symbolize insights analytically through rim-meditative concentration. The spokes show directions, and they symbolize the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddha. These include right effort, concentration, right speech, right livelihood, right thoughts, right understanding, right action, and mindfulness.
  8. The Victory Banner. The symbol was placed on Mt Meru, and it symbolized the victory of Buddha over the universe. It was traditionally taken to battles as it represented the victory of Buddha against the armies of Mara, which is the hindrances and defilements. These hindrances include fear of death, pride, disturbing emotions, and desire. The banner victory symbolized eleven methods that can be employed to overcome Mara. These include unity of samadhis (emptiness, lack of desire, and formlessness), wisdom, meditation, ethical vows, selflessness, development of knowledge, getting rid of false views, generation of spiritual aspirations, taking refuge in Buddha, skillful means, and compassion.

These eight powerful symbols appear in Eastern spiritual iconography individually and all together. You may find these symbols used as adornments in meditation centers, monastery, temples, or private homes. In Tibet, one or more of the Ashtamangala are drawn on the ground using flour or colored powders to create an auspicious condition and to welcome a distinguished guest. You will also commonly find these symbols on pendants, bracelets, wall hangings, and various spiritual tools like singing bowls and prayer wheels.

You can use one or more of these potent symbols to help support your meditation practice. You can wear clothing or jewelry with the symbols or place items with the symbols around your home, or on your meditation altar. Let these serve as visual reminders to focus on your good fortune and to be mindful throughout your day. These eight ancient and popular symbols can also bring you hope and comfort during times of unease and distress.

The 8 Best Crystals & Gemstones for Love

Crystals & Gemstones for Love

Receiving and giving love is a foundational facet of our lives. The emotion of love can often feel fleeting and can easily be damaged. You may be recovering from heartbreak and need to remember how to love again. You may be looking to attract romantic love, practice self-love, deepen your current relationship, or simply be more open-hearted to all those around you. Whatever your needs for love are, there are several crystals and gemstones that can help. There are several potent “love stones” that are known to cultivate and radiate love to help you heal and open up your heart. One of the best methods to receive the benefits of these love stones is to wear them as a mala necklace or bracelet mala.

1. Rose Quartz

Peace, compassion, kindness and nurturing are some of the qualities that Rose quartz is known to emit. People have been using this love stone since 600 BC, and many fondly refer to it as the Heart Stone. Rose quartz will activate the heart chakra to promote self-love, divine love, platonic love, and romantic love. This crystal stone will help you to open up your heart, rebuild your ability to trust, and restore your faith in love. It also teaches you to first love yourself so that you can learn to accept and receive love from others.

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2. Moonstone

Wearing moonstone will help you develop an overall calmer nature, prevent you from overreacting in challenging situations, and encourage the wisdom and patience to trust Divine timing. You will also be able to adopt healthier patterns that are beneficial to both you and your partner. Not only will you learn to nurture peaceful relationships, but moonstone can also ignite sexual energy, attraction, passion, and arousal.

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3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the gemstone for enlightenment and wisdom. It also encourages finding peace within yourself and others. Lapis was dedicated to Venus, the Greek Goddess of love for over 5,000 years. This love stone enhances communication skills with others and promotes honesty, harmony, and compassion. It will help your relationships by teaching you to actively listen to each other. Wearing Lapis can also help you overcome shyness and timidity and allows you to uncover and access your Divine nature.

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4. Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase can quickly heal a broken heart and encourage you to receive new love. It helps with keeping you centered and compassionate in all your communication and interactions with others. This stone will create a positive outlook on life. It is known to promote optimism, joy, and happiness while reducing depression, anxiety, and stress.

5. Garnet

Garnet gemstones can help you realize your greatest visions and deepest dreams. They are stones that promote pleasure and prosperity. Green Garnet has an association with abundance and the heart chakra. It can give you motivation for the manifestation of wealth and prosperity. Red garnets help increase your libido and can bring passion and desire back to your sex life. This love stone can also help heal, strengthen, and improve your romantic relationship.

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6. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is known as the stone of the compassionate heart. It activates the heart chakra and encourages emotional healing, self-love, and the welcoming of new love. When you have sufficient self-love, it will overflow and pour in an outward direction, thus attracting happiness and love from others. Rhodochrosite also promotes inner-strength, trust, courage, and vulnerability.

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7. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is used to heal broken hearts by promoting self-love, forgiveness, and compassion. Use this “rescue stone” to heal emotional trauma, rid yourself of toxic habits, find emotional balance and discover your life’s purpose. This grounding stone can also be used to build confidence and alleviate confusion.

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8. Jade

Jade has a powerful nurturing energy that can uplift and soothe your heart. This stone of prosperity can assist you in dissolving the negative patterns that are holding you back from realizing your true potential for love. Wearing jade can also bring you good luck, confidence, courage, inner-peace, balance, and healing.

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