Quartz Meaning

Clear or Crystal Quartz is composed of pure silicon dioxide. The name “Quartz” comes from the German word “Quarz” which means “hard.” Quartz is the second most abundant mineral found on the planet and it comes in several different types. The most frequent colors you will find of this stone are clear, pink, grey, and white.

Quartz Benefits

Clear quartz is considered a “Master Healer” stone as it amplifies, absorbs, stores, releases and regulates prana life-force energy. Quartz is reputed to promote and amplify hope, happiness, optimism, creativity, and inspiration. It promotes concentration, encourages clarity of thought, activates memory and helps with visualization.

Quartz is said to cleanse the organs, stimulate the immune system and bring the body back into balance. Some healers belive this stone can reduce pain, fever, and inflammation.

◊ Primary Chakras: Crown, all
◊ Associated Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, all
◊ Associated Planet: Sun
◊ Associated Element: Fire
◊ Key Traits: Healing, Amplification, Energy, Harmony, Clarity, Calmness

Quartz Malas

Wearing and using Quartz mala beads is a powerful and efficient way to access the healing benefits of this gemstone in your yoga practice and daily life. If you have a meditation altar, placing your Quartz mala on it will also help to empower and activate the space for healing. All of the following mala bracelets and mala necklaces contain Quartz gemstones:

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