Rudraksha beads, which are made from the seeds of Rudraksha trees, have been used in religious ceremonies and meditation practices in India for centuries. Rudraksha is translated from Sanskrit to mean “tears of Shiva” from an ancient story of these trees being formed when Shiva’s tears of compassion fell upon the earth.

Rudraksha beads have since been regarded as auspicious and are worn to increase one’s spirituality and their connection with the Hindu god Shiva. They are also used for their healing properties and protective powers.

These beads are often used in rudraksha malas because of their powerful effects to promote peace, calm, and serenity. Wearing and using a rudraksha mala is thought to eliminate negative thought patterns, bring peace of mind and increase the ability to concentrate and focus. The size and texture of these beads make them great for using for japa meditation.

Our rudraksha mala beads are made in India with five faced (mukhi) Rudraksahas.

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