Mala of the Month™ for August

August is named by Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor, and this month was named for his great triumphs and achievements during this time of year. Thus, since the time it was named, August has always held the energy of success and accomplishment.

You can harness the ability to achieve your goals and be successful in all aspects of your life by using our Red Snowflake Jasper and Obsidian Mala. Red Snowflake Jasper is a powerful protective stone that calms the emotions and cultivates inner strength. This “warrior stone” stimulates prana (life force energy) and promotes vibrancy, endurance, stamina, focus, and determination.

The best mantra to support the energy of success and accomplishment is:
Om Hanumanthaya Namah
Translation: Om and salutations to Hanuman, the bestower of victory, success, strength, stamina, and power.

For the month of August, our Red Snowflake Jasper and Obsidian Malas are on sale for 25% off our regular price with coupon code: MOTM-AUG

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