Mala of the Month™ for April

The energy of spring is abundant and palpable in the month of April. Spring is the time of emergence, expansion, outward expression and new growth. After the winter dormant season, the energy of the body wants to spring and grow outwards and draw upon the stored energy of winter. Springtime also awakens our warrior archetype giving us energy and passion to strengthen our spiritual practices, pursue creative projects, and to cleanse our bodies and homes.

Our Red Tiger Iron and Bone Mala enhances the reawakening energy of springtime and activates the warrior archetype.  Red Tiger Iron promotes creative and artistic abilities and helps uncover hidden talents. This stone of vitality strongly cultivates strength, confidence, prana (life force energy), willpower, balance, and motivation.

The mantra best suited towards creating strength, energy, willpower, vitality, and stamina is:
Om Hum Hanumate Namaha 
Translation: Om and salutations to Hanuman, the bestower of victory, success, strength, stamina, and power.

For the month of April our Red Tiger Iron and Bone Wrist Malas are on sale for 20% off our regular price with coupon code: MOTM-APR