Gemstone Mala Beads for the 5th Chakra

The Vishuddha chakra is where the purification and harmonizing of all opposites takes place. Vishuddhi is also known as the throat chakra and the ‘center of nectar and poison.’ It is said the nectar which drips down from the Bindu in the back of the head splits into the pure form and the poison. In Vishuddhi chakra the poison is discarded, and the pure nectar nourishes the body, ensuring health and longevity. The Fifth Chakra’s principal virtue, to survive, is to recognize that you must express yourself and do so with sound and clear intentions.

The symbol for Vishuddha chakra is a purple lotus with 16 petals representing the number of nadis, or energy channels, associated with this chakra. Traditionally on each petal, one of the 16 Sanskrit vowels is inscribed in red.

In the center of the lotus is a white circle representing the element of ether, or akasha, space. Many traditional diagrams also portray a snow white elephant as a vehicle of consciousness. The ethereal region of Vishuddha chakra is the gateway to liberation for one whose senses are pure and controlled.
Vishuddha represents a state of openness in which life is regarded as the provider of experiences that lead to greater understanding. When Vishuddha is balanced, one allows things to happen as they must and thus experiences a flowing with life, rather than avoiding the unpleasant aspects of life and seeking the pleasant.

When Vishuddha has fully awakened one gains powers of imperishability, full knowledge of the scriptures and the past, present, and future. One’s sense of hearing becomes very sharp, but more through the mind and not solely by the ears.

When Vishuddha chakra is out of balance communication can become blocked, leaving people feeling isolated and alone. Without the ability to communicate verbally, the gap between ‘me’ and ‘them’ widens, giving rise to paranoia and creating the attitude of the persecuted loner. Another expression of out-of-balance Vishuddha is the ‘over talkers.’ These are people who talk compulsively, always ready to give their opinion even when they know nothing on the subject. They are often so busy talking that they fail to notice that the people to whom they are talking have stopped listening.

Properties of 5th Chakra (Vishuddha)

Definition: The Sanskrit word shuddhi means ‘to purify,’ and the Vishuddha chakra is the center of purification, balance and harmonizing of opposites.

Colors: Purple

Element: Ether. The element ether is the most subtle of the elements. Often referred to as “space,” this element is the essence of emptiness and it allows for change and growth to take place.

Location: Vishuddhi chakra is at the back of the neck on the spine, directly behind the throat.

Balanced Qualities: Open communication, expression, truth

Imbalanced Qualities: Withdrawn, dishonesty, poor communication.

Main Right: To express oneself

Physiological association: Vishuddha chakra corresponds with the whole area of the neck including the throat, larynx, esophagus and upper arms. This chakra also corresponds with the cervical and brachial nerve plexuses in the neck area of the spine, and the thyroid gland and parathyroid in the base of the trachea in the neck.

Hormones released by the thyroid gland increase metabolism – the rate at which cells burn energy – and are responsible for creating heat in the body. The thyroid also releases a hormone that controls the level of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, essential for healthy bones.

Sense: Hearing.

Organ of knowledge: The ears

Organ of action: Vocal chords.

Trigger point: The front of the neck, at the throat pit or thyroid gland

Mantra: Ham

“By meditation on Vishuddhi chakra, the mind becomes pure like the akasha. One becomes a great sage, eloquent and wise and enjoys uninterrupted peace of mind.” – Swami Satyananda

Crystals and stones possess specific vibrational and energetic qualities that have been used for thousands of years for their healing and spiritual effects. Healing stones are one of the most common tools used to activate, balance and cleanse specific chakra energy centers. To learn how to use healing chakra gemstones effectively you must pair the appropriate stone with the affected chakra.

The most powerful crystals and stones for the Vishuddha chakra are:

Blue Calcite
Blue Kyanite
Lapis lazuli

5th Chakra Mala Beads

Wearing and using gemstone mala beads is a powerful and efficient way to use healing chakra gemstones in your yoga practice and daily life. If you have a meditation altar, placing you mala on it will also help to balance and activate the space. The following mala beads contain gemstones that will be helpful to balance and activate the fifth chakra.

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