Black mala beads represent power, elegance, formality, and mystery.  The most common black gemstone malas are tormaline, obsidian, onyx, and agate.

Meaning of Black Mala Beads

The chromotherapy effects of the color black are: protection, seriousness, death, mourning, mystery, transformation and secrecy. In India, the darkness of black represents the vastness of the absolute oneness of the universe. The color black is often used to ward off evil and is used in rituals to symbolize the conquest of evil in all its forms, by turning evil into a force of good. In Buddhism, black is used to transform hate and anger into compassion and kindness. Black corresponds to the element of air (vayu tattva).

Black Mala Bead Collection

Wearing and using black mala beads is a powerful way to utilize the energetic qualities of this color in your yoga practice and daily life. A black mala is best used in your meditation to boost confidence, encourage transformation and to increase the awarness of potential and possibility.
The following mala beads contain black gemstones and beads:

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