Hanuman Mala Bead Stack

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Our Hanuman Mala Bead Stack contains the following malas:

Golden Pietersite and Silkwood Wrist Mala – Golden Pietersite is a powerful protection stone that enhances self-esteem, courage and will power. Said to hold the “keys to heaven,” this stone activates the third eye to promote deep meditative states, inner vision and spiritual wisdom. Silkwood (nanmu) is a grounding, balancing and healing wood is referred to as “golden thread” due to its beautiful shimmering surface.
Contains 27 counting beads strung on elastic.
Approximate Circumference:  6.25″  Tassel color: Natural

• Dumortierite and Kakawate Half Mala – Dumortierite promotes a positive attitude to life, balances the throat Chakra and enhances communication on all levels. This harmonizing stone increases courage, trust, assertiveness and self-confidence as well as reduces panic and fear. Kakawate (Madre de Cacao) is a hard tropical wood that symbolizes development, evolution, adaptation and growth.
Contains 54 counting beads strung on elastic.
Approximate Circumference: 15″ Tassel color: Natural

Suggested Mantras for this stack:
Om Hum Hanumanthaya Namah
Om Sri Ramaya Namah

Hanuman Mala Bead Stack

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