Kali-Ma Mala Bead Stack


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Our Kali-Ma Mala Bead Stack contains the following malas:

• Tourmalated Quartz and Bone Mala – Tourmalated Quartz is known as a powerful stone for protection and grounding. This stone also creates balance and inner strength, deflects and transforms negativity, and reduces anxiety and depression. Approximate Length: 6.75″ Tassel color: Black

• Kali Skull Bone Mala – These carved skull beads are reminiscent of the necklace of skulls that the Goddess Kali wears symbolizing liberation, knowledge and wisdom. Bone is a traditional material used in malas in both Nepal and Tibet. Bone signifies strength and is said to amplify prana (life force energy.) Approximate Length: 6.5 –  7″ Tassel color: Red

• Howlite and Smoky Quartz Mala – Howlite promotes creativity through trust, openness and discipline. Smoky quartz relieves stress, fear, anger and other negative emotions and transforms them into positive energies. This stone is comforting and calming, and can protect you from absorbing negative energies. Approximate Length: 6.5″ Tassel color: White

Please view the individual product pages for the suggested mantras for these malas.

Kali-Ma Mala Bead Stack

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