Vishnu Mala Bead Stack

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Our Vishnu Mala Bead Stack contains the following malas:

Fossilized Coral and Bone Wrist Mala – Fossilized Coral improves mental concentration and perception, and can be used to attract success. This grounding and calming stone is known to facilitate intuition, imagination, visualization, bravery and wisdom.
Contains 27 counting beads strung on elastic.
Approximate Circumference:  6.25″  Tassel color: Golden-brown

• Picture Jasper and Magnesite Half Mala – Picture Jasper is a grounding and harmonizing stone that cultivates a deep connection with the earth. This comforting stone promotes creative visualization and business pursuits, and can help alleviate fear. Magnesite is known to cultivate resilience and patience as well as helping to improve creative visualization and imagination. This calming stone creates a deep inner peace as well as stimulates passion and communication in the heart center.
Contains 54 counting beads strung on elastic.
Approximate Circumference: 16″ Tassel color: Brown

Suggested Mantras for this stack:
Om Namo Narayanaya
Om Sri Ramaya Namah

Vishnu Mala Bead Stack

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