7 Mystical Mantras to Remove Negative Energy

Mantras to Remove Negative Energy

Negative energies can be harmful to our physical and mental well-being. They can cause us stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. and can create a cycle of negativity can lead to feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and despair. Fortunately, mantras and meditation are simple yet powerful tools to combat negative energy in your home and body.

Sources of negativity

We encounter both negative and positive energies throughout our day. If we experience too much negative energy, it can impact our health and wellbeing. Negative energies can come from the people around us, our homes, jobs, or environment, but they can also be generated by our thoughts and belief patterns. In addition, humans have a built in negativity bias—we are more likely to notice and remember things that are bad than good. If we’re not careful, excessive exposure to negative energy can dramatically affect our health and wellbeing.

Signs you have bad energy in your home

If you feel tired, unmotivated, anxious, or depressed after spending time in your house, it might be because of negative energy accumulating in your space. A home with positive energy should feel energizing, uplifting, peaceful, and happy. If you feel a dramatic difference when you are home and when you leave, it could mean there is some kind of negative energy in one or more of the rooms in your house.

Signs you have excess negativity in your body

If you are experiencing a lot of negative emotions, or you feel tired, lazy, sluggish, depressed, or out of sorts, these symptoms could be caused by your energy being blocked in your body. If you are experiencing these symptoms regardless of the environment you are in, then it is likely the source of negative energy is in your body.

If we want to break free from negative emotions, thoughts and habits, we need to recognize them when they arise and use mindfulness, meditation and mantras to help us cope. Once we release or cleanse the negativity, we then can focus on cultivating positive emotions to shield and protect us from bad vibes.

The best mantras to remove negative energy

The most powerful way to remove negative energy from our bodies and homes is through mantra meditation. Mantra meditation is a form of meditation where we repeat certain words or phrases to ourselves. This helps us release negative emotions and thoughts and embrace the mantra’s benefits of positivity and peace. Chanting mantras creates a bubble of positivity around you and where you practice. If a room in your home feels like it is harboring negativity, you can write a mantra down and post it in this space to help purify the space. Any of the below mantras will be helpful in removing negative energy, but it is important to be mindful and intentional when choosing a mantra to chant.

  1. Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha
    This beautiful mantra to Ganesha removes all types of negative obstacles and difficulties in your life. It also invokes abundant blessings of good luck, success, knowledge, and wisdom.
  2. Om Dum Durgayei Namaha
    This is a powerful Durga mantra for protection from danger and harm. Durga is a warrior goddess, who combats all forces that threaten our peace and well-being while providing us with courage, strength, fortitude, compassion, fearlessness and patience.
  3. Om Vajra Sattva Hung
    This is the short version of a Tibetan Buddhism 100 syllable mantra. It is chanted for the purification of negative energies from your body, speech and mind. This is a primary mantra used for the eradication of bad karma in your life.
  4. Hung Vajra Peh
    This is a Buddhist mantra that clears negative energy from our physical, mental, and emotional state of being. It is also used to cleanse a room or space of negative energy caused by anger, violence, hatred, and other harmful emotions.
  5. Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vichche
    This potent mantra invokes the fierce aspect of the Hindu goddess Durga to protect you from all evil of life. It’s one of the most powerful Mantras to release the negative energy of the mind and body. Chanting this mantra also blesses you with courage, strength, and positive energy.
  6. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
    This is a very simple mantra to bring about harmony and peace in the world. Chanting this mantra helps us to feel calm, relaxed, and centered. It helps us to let go of any negativity, invite peace into our lives, and create a space where we can experience positivity.
  7. Om Hum Hanumate Namaha
    This Hanuman mantra is used to protect from all forms of negativity, demons, and evil powers. This is also a powerful mantra for success, strength, stamina, and power.

Crystals and gemstones for protection and purification

Meditation techniques are very effective ways to remove emotional negativity from our bodies and minds. Gemstones are powerful tools that can be used for protection from negative influences and to promote positive energies. When meditation and gemstone healing are combined together, it creates an even more powerful effect. You can wear a necklace or bracelet made from a protection stone while you meditate. You can hold a crystal in your palm or place them on your meditation altar. You can also use gemstone mala beads while chanting mantras to promote the release of negative energies.

The crystal world has many different types of crystals and gemstones, each with its own unique properties. Below are the best crystals and gemstones to release negative energy, provide protection, and promote positivity.

  1. Crystal quartz dispels negative energy, and at the same time, attracts positive energy.
  2. Black obsidian is a powerful protector and a great gemstone for clearing away old energies. It helps us to release past hurts, traumas, and emotional baggage. It also brings new insights into our lives, helping us to make changes and evolve. It absorbs negative or dark energy quickly, so it is an excellent choice for cleansing your body and home.
  3. Rose quartz is one of the most powerful stones for protection and attracting positive emotions in personal relationships. It can create an energetic shield around ourselves and is especially helpful to protect against negative energies when working with others.
  4. Citrine is an amazing protection crystal as it takes in negative energy and transforms it into positivity and peace. These protective crystals are also great to use when protecting ourselves from negative people that we may not always be able to avoid.
  5. Tiger’s eye is among one of the best crystals for protection and fear. It helps us feel safe and secure, no matter what may come our way. Tiger’s Eye helps us harness our inner strength and courage to stay grounded during challenging times.
  6. Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones for cleansing and protection, absorbing all forms of energy and keeping our spaces clean and protected. It also helps balance the root chakra and strengthens your sense of safety and security. When you practice meditation with this stone, you may notice yourself feeling calmer, stronger, confident, grounded, and peaceful.