Purple mala beads represent knowledge, intuition, insight, higher wisdom, power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. The most common purple gemstone malas are amethyst, charoite, tourmaline, garnet, and sugilite.

Meaning of Purple Mala Beads

The chromotherapy effects of the color purple are: transformation, detoxification, meditation, inspiration, compassion, and contemplation. In the Western and Christian cultures, royalty is often represented by a deep, mystical shade of purple.

The purple color activates the 6th chakra: Ajna, which controls all higher mental activities including intellectual, emotional, and mental intelligence, and insight. The third eye chakra’s balanced qualities are expressed as strong levels of intellect, intention, and intuition.

Purple Mala Bead Collection

Wearing and using purple mala beads is a powerful way to utilize the energetic qualities of this color in your yoga practice and daily life. A purple mala is best used in your meditation when you wish to explore the mysteries and deeper aspects of your spirituality and mind.
The following mala beads contain purple gemstones and beads:

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