Tulsi Full Mala



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Tulsi is considered the most sacred of the woods used in Indian worship and the Tulsi plant is believed to be an incarnation of the Divine.  Tulsi is reported to possess remarkable physical and spiritual healing properties and helps to improve devotion and love in the heart.  The tulsi mala is used for worshipping Ram, Krishna and especially Vishnu who we are told is the creator and beloved of the Tulsi plant.
Made in India with traditional knots between beads. These beads may have small cracks and imperfections due to the nature of this wood.

Approximate Circumference: 6mm (small) – 31″ or 8mm (medium) – 36″ 10mm (large)- 42″
Bead Size: 6mm (small) or 8mm (medium) or 10mm (large)

Suggested Mantras for this Mala:
Om Namo Narayanaya
Om Sri Ramaya Namah
Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha

Note: due to the handcrafted nature of the natural materials used in these malas their bead sizes can vary by 1mm.

Tulsi Full Mala

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