Green Opal & Rosewood Wrist Mala



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Green Opal is a healing and rejuvenating gemstone that is known to strengthen the immune system, aid relationships, and soothe emotions.

Rosewood (Red Sandalwood) is used to call upon Ganesha “the remover of obstacles” as well as the Divine Mother. Rosewood also is warming, improves circulation and protects one from negative energy.

Approximate Circumference: 7.25
Bead Size: 6mm and 8mm

Suggested Mantras for this Mala:
Om Shri Dhanvantre Namaha
Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namaha

Green Opal & Rosewood Wrist Mala

Added on: September 14, 2017
Updated on: September 15, 2017
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